DvirCom’s advantages:

  • Expertise and vast experience in planning and managing of system engineering activities for development projects in the electronics field
  • Expertise and vast experience in managing projects by the PMI principles (PMP certification)
  • Provision of solutions throughout all the stages of the life cycle of a development project, from the stage of definition of the system to the stages of carrying out proof of design tests in the field and implementing the system at the customer’s premises
  • A great deal of experience and focused and professional knowledge in writing technical documentation
  • Experience in preparation of training kits and carrying out training in English and Hebrew
  • A wide range of experience and multi-disciplinary knowledge in translating technical documents
  • Loss adjustment and evaluation of worth of electronic equipment.


Selected Projects that were led by the Company

  •  Project of integration of cellular mode into a PDA – the project involved integration of a cellular modem, which worked on a cellular data network developed by Ericsson, into HP-200 PDA. This project was carried out for a company named Teliran, in cooperation with Ericsson.
  • Management of a project of lengthening the operational range of a communication system – the project involved development of a ground communication terminal for lengthening the range of a communication system of a UAV, including a tracking system, development of a trailer to carry the ground terminal, integration of the communication terminal and writing software packages.
  • Development of a long range, broadband data link – management of the system engineering activities of a project of development of data link between a moving platform and a fixed station at range of several hundreds of kilometers and data rate of some 70 Mbps, including tracking systems on both sides of the link, integration into an airborne system, addition of navigation system to the aircraft (INS and GPS), planning of location of antennae on the aircraft, building and maintaining work plans, negotiations with the customer and with subcontractors, planning and carrying out of system’s integration and flight tests.
  • Development of small size communications systems – system engineering and management of two development projects of small size communication system for limited range.
  • A project carried in cooperation by Tadiran and Rafael- preparation and maintenance of a work plan with some 800 activities. The activity included monthly interviews of the managers of the various teams, building the work plan on MSProject, design of reports and views for the various levels of management in the two companies and maintenance of the work plan by following the progress of the project, including issuing monthly reports with analysis and warnings about problems that developed during the progress of the project.


We offer modular work parcels, which provide the customer with the flexibility of choosing the service he/she needs according to his/her budget.



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