System Engineering


DvirCom’s advantages:

  • Expertise and vast experience in planning and managing of system engineering activities for development projects in the electronics field
  • Provision of solutions throughout all the stages of the life of a development project, from the stage of definition of the system to the stages of carrying out proof of design tests in the field and implementing the system at the customer’s premises
  • Managing and carrying out the design of the system, from the first steps of definition to proving the system in the field and implementing it at the customer’s premises.



Our services include:

  • Defining the system’s characteristics
  • Preparing the system’s specifications document and specification documents for subsystems
  • Definitions of electronic interfaces with external systems (such as avionics systems, operational systems, etc.)
  • Definitions of mechanical requirements and interfaces
  • Definition of software requirements
  • Adaptation of technological solutions
  • Management, supervision, follow-up, and integration of development processes
  • Planning and carrying out system integration
  • Planning and carrying out field tests (including flight tests)
  • Planning, execution and supporting the implementation of the system at the customer’s premises


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